FEB 1—3, 2013





FEB 1—3



(Gallery W, Mezzanine)
                A cross-section of photo-based books and magazines, including: Aperture Foundation (New York, NY); Little Brown Mushroom (St. Paul, MN); MACK (London); Super Labo (Tokyo); Editions Patrick Frey (Zurich); and TBW Books (Oakland, CA).


                A lively selection of international artists and zinesters will represent independent publishing at its most innovative and affordable. Select exhibitors include: ANAL (Mexico); Lovely Daze (Taiwan); Fantasy Camp(Canada); Hamburger Eyes (San Francisco); Little Joe (London); and Worst Magazine Ever (Poland), among many others.


                Artists and Activists converge in a selection in which the political meets the personal. Select exhibitors include: Journal of Aethetics and Protest (Los Angeles, CA); Center for Urban Pedagogy (New York, NY); Errant Bodies Press (Berlin); and Edie Fake (Chicago, IL), among many others.


                The itinerant Sundown Schoolhouse comes home to Los Angeles in the form of Reading Lounge and Drop-In Center. The cozy installation provides a welcoming space for weary art book enthusiasts to take off their shoes, get comfortable, stretch, nap, read, and share in the fresh herbal tea infusions from the Sundown Gardens along occasional local produce being served. There will also be occasional impromptu book discussions, yoga sessions, knitting circles, and crafting corners. The limited edition artist's book The Sundown Salon Unfolding Archive and various Animal Estates Field Guides will be available for sale. Contact info(at)sundownschoolhouse(dot)org if you'd like to propose or lead an activity, and check the website for updates.


                Gallery U: Alden Projects (New York) presents L.A. Air: Still Breathing?: a special installation of Los Angeles-centric editions, artist’s ephemera, drawings, and important documentation from the city’s golden era of smog (1959-1973).

Gallery M: Andrew Roth (New York, NY) presents Dash Snow'sMovie List, a limited edition published by PPP Editions, along with the original maquette, as well as a new book: Paperwork: A brief history of artists' scrapbooks.

Stand Y55 (Zine World): Honoring the 70th birthday of their favorite artist/ingenue, Boo-Hooray have prepared an installation of t-shirts and skateboards from Larry Clark's extensive collection, including items used in his movies. Rare Larry Clark publications, posters and ephemera are offered up, including stuff no one has seen for years

Gallery I: Fulton Ryder (New York, NY) has this to say: "Fulton Ryder After Dark. Bookseller. Publisher. Gallery. Howard Johnson. John Dogg. Richard Prince. Pulp Paperbacks. Unique Books. Posters. Untitled Originals."

Gallery Q: KChung (Los Angeles, CA) broadcasts live from the Fair continuously throughout the weekend.

Gallery T: LEADAPRON will present a selection of rare books, art & photography, including works by James Lee Byars, Yves Klein, Richard Prince, Guy Bourdin, Andy Warhol, Carl Andre, Ellsworth Kelly, Joseph Beuys, Donald Judd and John Baldessari et al.. Additionally on offer will be artists books by Ed Ruscha, maquettes by Alec Soth, ephemera, varia and the collages and paintings of RJ Shaughnessy, Louise Erhard, Matt Satz.

Gallery H: From onestar press (Paris), a new project series entitled CAMERA ARTISTS introduces crafted portfolios by photo-based artists Daniel Gordon and Tim Maul. Three Star Books (Paris) presents titles by: Maurizio Cattelan, Liam Gillick, Matt Mullican, Simon Starling & Haim Steinbach with a stunning installation by John Armleder. Sequence Press(New York, NY) features its series of philosophy titles published in collaboration with Urbanomic (UK), along with special edition books and prints by composer Robert Ashley, poet-artist Jimmy Raskin and painter R. H. Quaytman.

Gallery D: Werkplaats Typografie (The Netherlands), a Fair favorite, presents a collaborative project by WT alumni.


7:00 - 8:00 pm

Secret Circuit

(Geffen Lobby)
                LA based band, Secret Circuit (Eddie Ruscha Jr.) will be performing a mix of satisfying psychedelic and tropical electronic music.


6:00 - 9:00 pm


(Geffen Lobby)
                Marty Windahl (MW) will be reading your tarot cards during the opening only. Come get your cards and stars read! This LA-based writer, artist and witch has been making magic and unfolding quandaries and conundrums with her feminist tarot deck for over ten years. She authors the weekly TAROTSCOPES


3:00 - 3:50 pm

Psychodelic/Bibliophilic by Marshall Weber

(Mezzanine Theater)
                A lecture about four S.F. artists (Scott Williams, Fred Rinne, Dana Smith, CUBA), who make hand painted and collaged artists' books that are soaked with the unique hybrid of psychedelic and street art aesthetics of San Francisco. CUBA is a well respected old school graffiti artist, Scott is the Stencil Art Godfather, Dana has become one of the most interesting digital artists' book presses in the US and Fred is an SF Urban Folk hero. Presented by Booklyn.

4:00 - 4:50 pm

A Doomsday Day Planner: Mark Hagen in conversation with Dr. Jon R. Stone

(Mezzanine Theater)
                Mark Hagen’s 2013?: A Doomsday Day Planner is a functional day planner as well as encyclopedia of over 150 failed doomsday predictions going back two millennia (from 6th century BCE Romans, to Ronald Reagan, to the recent New Age predictions for December 21, 2012 and the end of the Mayan calendar). Hagen will discuss Eschatology (the study of beliefs concerning the "end of the world" or "end time") with Jon R. Stone, PhD, Professor in the Religious Studies Department at California State University, Long Beach, scholar of 19th and 20th century American Millennial groups, author of Expecting Armageddon (2000), and contributor to The Oxford Handbook of Millennialism (2011). Presented by Paper Chase.


12:00 - 12:50 pm

Design Authors and Auteurs: Designers' Books Ascending

(Mezzanine Theater)
                Contemporary designers often produce their own books and publications, and they collaborate with other cultural creatives. Design Authorship is an ongoing subject of study and discussion. Where do Designers' Books fit, then, in relation to Artists' Books? In this session designers Brian Roettinger, Tanya Rubbak, and Adam Michaels will discuss their experiences making and publishing books as well as their rotating roles as author, editor, designer, and publisher. Organized by Susan Thomas, Librarian, Long Island University Brooklyn.

1:00 - 1:50 pm

Men on Video: Ben Jones in conversation with Dan Nadel

(Mezzanine Theater)
                Ben Jones will present video work from his current solo exhibition at MoCA and discuss his fair-debut artist's book, Men's Group: The Video (PictureBox) with publisher and curator Dan Nadel. Presented by PictureBox.

2:00 - 2:50 pm

Photography Publishing in Transition

(Mezzanine Theater)
                Chris Boot, Executive Director of the Aperture Foundation, gives an illustrated talk about changes in photography publishing, addressing the role of the photobook and magazine publisher in the digital age, the collectible book, and the photographer and self publishing. He will explain how Aperture is responding to the changing environment, providing a historical context, and explaining how the foundation is adapting its book publishing program and reconceiving Aperture magazine.SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 2

3:00 - 3:50 pm

A Conversation between LA Bookmakers

(Mezzanine Theater)
                Cali Thornhill Dewitt (Teardrops), Harsh Patel, Jesse Spears (Fuckers Books), moderated by Johnny Jungleguts. Presented by The Family.

4:00 - 5:50 pm

Lent Felt: A Valedictory Lecture on the Life and Work of Mike Kelley, John C. Welchman

Ahmanson Auditorium (MOCA Grand Ave)
                Artist, noise musician, writer, actor, benefactor, teacher, and Catholic misfit, Mike Kelley was a wholehearted and cantankerous sage with an indelible blue collar background. Wired in to the elemental stakes of the American vernacular, during certain on-song weeks Kelley generated enough ideas and imaginings to last another sort of artist an entire career. Welchman’s talk will explore some of the creatively recursive themes and materials in Kelley's art and writing. These will include the unstoppable gusts of irony and humor that storm through his work; his fraught relation to religion and the beyond; his career-long obsession with the contradictory conditions of his formation and unsettled selfhood; and the discrepant optics of bathos, dejection, and lowness through which he so often saw things through and saw through things. Welchman will conclude with a discussion of Kelley's last projects: the sonically mischievous Mechanical Toy Guts (2012) and Mobile Homestead, a complete replica of Kelley's childhood home, with its "secret" basement and sub-basements, the first phase of which opened in 2010. Mobile Homestead will be launched as a community, outreach, and exhibition center at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Detroit in May of 2013. Presented by Gagosian.


1:00 - 1:50 pm


(Mezzanine Theater)
                Student debt cannot be erased through the normal bankruptcy process. Most people believe it’s useless to even try, but nearly half of all student debtors who initiate discharge proceedings get some or all of their student loans forgiven. All you have to do is prove certainty of hopelessness. After the event, attendees will be invited to complete discharge application at the Paper Chase Press booth, which will be submitted to the LA County Courthouse the following Monday morning. Presented by Paper Chase.

2:00 - 2:50 pm

What Made it a Book?

(Mezzanine Theater)
                James Hoff, Rick Myers, and Marshall Weber present a collaborative performance lecture, a funny quick talking spontaneous exploration of the performative aspects of making books as a fine art practice. Sponsored by Booklyn.

2:00 - 2:50 pm

What Made it a Book?

(Mezzanine Theater)
                James Hoff, Rick Myers, and Marshall Weber present a collaborative performance lecture, a funny quick talking spontaneous exploration of the performative aspects of making books as a fine art practice. Sponsored by Booklyn.

3:00 - 3:50 pm

Word (Choose) Play

(Mezzanine Theater)
                Les Figues Press presents three performances in three languages: real, imaginary, symbolic. Knotted and noted, as the case may be, pleasurable and (un), as you wish. Featuring Vanessa Place, Stephanie Taylor, Mark Rutkoski.

4:00 - 4:50 pm

Art Between the Cracks: Sylvere Lotringer in conversation with Anton Vidokle

(Mezzanine Theater)

                Let's stop worrying about becoming professionals. Instead, let's engage with the cultural field as passionate hobbyists, talented amateurs, dedicated tinkerers. Let's be part-time artists who, out of pleasure or necessity, excel in innumerable other capacities to support an art practice. Teaching and education carry a great potential for emancipation, but in recent years art education has grown into an industrial machine, a ponzi scheme that puts artists into debt with the promise of securing professional careers that may or may not even exist. Maybe publishing books or a small journal can provide another way to become involved in a certain quality of art education that can still be emancipatory. Presented by e-flux.


This year, the LA Art Book Fair is honored to host two exhibitions which survey the work of individuals whose contributions have enriched the field of artists’ books.

A Tribute to Mike Kelley

(Gallery C)
                Gagosian Gallery presents a tribute to the late artist Mike Kelley(1954-2012), a portrait in the form of a library with a selection of materials reflecting cultural and intellectual interests and passions that each contributor to the library associates with the late artist.

In Memoriam: The Book Catalogs of Steven Leiber

                Printed Matter, Inc. presents a tribute to the late Steven Leiber(1957-2012), featuring his infamous sales catalogues, together with the legendary publications that they mimicked, drawn from the collection of Philip Aarons and Shelley Fox Aarons.

Zine World

                In response to the Los Angeles ethos as the center of the zine universe, the LA Art Book Fair is proud to host the following exhibitions of zines and related publications:

GSD: Skate Fate till Today
Southern Californian Gary Scott Davis is the producer of intricate and innovative artists' books today, and was one of the most influential figures in early underground skateboard culture and 'zine-making. Unleashed upon the skate-boarding world from 1981 to 1991, Skate Fate was the first and longest-running home-made, photo-copied skate zine. Curated by Darin Klein.

Zine Masters of the Universe
Mark Gonzales, Ray Pettibon, Dash Snow, and Ari Marcopoulos are early and prolific zine makers whose zines are a significant part of their artistic process. Two are drawing based; two are photo based. Here we present a broad spectrum of their influential output, drawn primarily from the collection of Philip Aarons and Shelley Fox Aarons.

Bedwetter and Beyond: the Complete Bookworks of Christopher Russel
From his first "destroy-to-enjoy" Bedwetter titles, to a variety of collaborative efforts, and his elegant and enduring monographs and artists' books, this exhibition is the first complete survey of Los Angeles-based artist Christopher Russell's book works. Curated by Darin Klein.


A curated series of informal conversations, performances, readings, discussions, film screenings, and other artist-led programs, throughout the weekend, hosted by Darin Klein.


7:00 pm

Awesome Vistas Live Music

                ShowcaseChristine Shields with Dragging an Ox Through Water, Franklin's Mint and Goldring/Thompson. Operated by Chris Johanson, Awesome Vistas is a record label that produces limited-edition vinyl with hand-silkscreened record sleeves in collaboration with musicians and artists.


1:00 pm

Sameer Reddy, Bibliomancer

                Bibliomancer is a performance investigating the metaphysical aspects of literary culture through the appropriated form of a book-signing. Sameer Reddy is an artist and healer, with an established healing practice in New York City. Audience members will receive a channelled message and high vibrational signature in a book of their choosing, with the aim of dedicating the tome to nourishing the awareness of the reader. Participants will also have the opportunity to receive a book blessing, in which a book receives an infusion of reiki tummo energy, setting the intention for whatever effect the fairgoer hopes to receive from the act of reading. While the performance methodology prioritizes sincerity, the appropriated structure of the experience incorporates a critical perspective, investigating the cult of personality that surrounds artists, authors and healers. Audience members can bring a book of their choosing, or purchase a copy of the artist’s title, ‘Eight Meditations on the Nature of Truth’. Each blessing will take approximately 5 minutes.

2:00 p.m

Sean Joseph Patrick Carney, Rats Off to Ya

                Rats Off to Ya is a concrete comedy performance by Sean Joseph Patrick Carney. It is an ongoing multimedia piece that shifts each time it is performed. The various works that it has featured include stand-up comedy, monologue, video, stunts, and Carney's hit single "I Turned My Son into a Gravity Bong." 


3:00 pm

Art Book Review, Artists on Artists' Books

                A selection of local, national, and international LA Art Book Fair exhibitors present talks on a favorite art book. a/b, Eve Fowler, Sumi Ink Club (Sarah Rara and Luke Fishbeck), and Ugly Duckling Presse all have a strong relationship to art and artists' books, each having their own book-making or publishing practices. The presentations will include discussion on the effects these books have had on the presenters as artists and how they have influenced their practice. Introduced by Sarah Williams, co-founder of the Art Book Review, the program will aim to discuss art and artists' books as an important aspect of many artistic practices and the way in which books can influence and inform well after their publication.

4:00 pm

Collin McKelvey

                Bay Area experimental sound maker Collin McKelvey performs a four channel surround sound experience with video projections for the LA Art Book Fair. The sound performance is accompanied by 16mm film projections by Paul Clipson. McKelvey's 7" single, Canti For Paul Kos, was released as LAND AND SEA NUMBER 19 in 2013. The record contains a studio recording as well as a live track of McKelvey performing in 2012 in response to Kos' "The Sound Of Ice Melting" at the Berkeley Art Museum in conjunction with a series of LAND AND SEA performances.


1:00 pm

Signify, Sanctify, Believe, Turbani Rugduke Guru Urchch

                Signify, Sanctify, Believe’s inspirational outreach chapter, the Saints and Servants of the Order of [Con]Temporary Religious Observance, proudly presents the newest temporary evangelical organization to enter its proselytic fold: Turbani Rugduke Guru Urchch. Led by pastors Kate Durbin and Guru Rugu, Turbani Rugduke Guru Urchch will offer an hour-long church service featuring inspirational artist-led prayers, sing-alongs, and sermons for casual spiritualists and curious heathens alike. Join us.

2:00 pm

COP DAD Obscene Interiors: The Opera

                Justin Jorgensen's Obscene Interiors: The Opera, followed by a reading from COP DAD, The Magaziine of the Exceptional Personal Experience.


4:00 pm
                To celebrate the launch of Little Joe No. 4, Little Joe and Dirty Lookspresent a selection of films by visual artist and underground film legend Mike Kuchar. Twin brother of George, Mike has created an astounding body of illustration and film/video works since the brothers' famed collaborative 8mm micro-epics in the 1950s. Mike's is a musky world of homoerotica, camp and fantasy and this selection explores his over-ripe taste for melodrama, prurient eye for beefcake, and depraved take on horror movie tropes.


1:00 pm

Encyclopdia Destructica & The Institute of Extraterrestrial Sexuality, Strange Attractors: Investigations in Non-Humanoid Extraterrestrial Sexualities

                This program of twenty-two short films accompanies the publication of the same name. The book and the films present an extraordinary range of expressions that expand our conception of the possibility of alien life forms and the nature of sexual desire. (2012, DVD, 120min.

3:00 pm

Dirty Looks & Little Joe present Rosa Von Praunheim's City of Lost Souls (Stadt der Verlorenen Seelen)

                Angie Stardust has a lot on her plate, running a boarding house called Pension Stardust filled with misfit lodgers: an erotic trapeze duo, a magickal group therapist, assorted layabouts, nymphomaniacs and Lila (Jayne County), a Southern blonde who dreams of Hollywood. These tenants also staff Angie’s fast food enterprise, Burger Queen. But when Lila gets knocked up by a Communist who promises to make her a superstar on East Berlin television, the real havoc ensues. Rosa von Praunheim directs this mostly American cast in a trans musical spectacular that has been described as Hedwig and the Angry Inch in reverse.  (Dir. Rosa Von Praunheim, 1983, 16mm on DVD, 91min.)


All book signings will be held in the lobby of the Geffen Contemporary at MOCA (Stand A01) unless otherwise noted.


1:00 pm
Fredrik Nilsen and Vetza, LAFMS 3-disc set: Airway, Le Forte Four, and The Doo-Dooettes.
Presented by East of Borneo and The Los Angeles Free Music Society

2:00 pm
Susan Morgan, Piecing Together Los Angeles: An Esther McCoy Reader.
Presented by East of Borneo.

3:00 pm
Susan Silas, Eyes Wide Shut;
Chrysanne Stathacos, The Wish Machine Travels.
Presented by MOMMY.

4:00 pm
Nicholas Gottlund, The Master;
Suzanna Zak, Now Dim.
Presented by Swill Children.


12:00 pm
Steve Roden, I Listen to the Wind That Obliterates My Traces: Music in Vernacular Photographs 1880-1955. Presented by LACE.

1:00 pm
Warren Neidich, Lost between the extensivity/ intensivity Exchange;
Elena Bajo, The Factory of Froms.
Presented by onomatopee.

2:00 pm
Evan Holloway, Evan Holloway;
Anya Gallaccio, Anya Gallaccio.
Presented by Ridinghouse.

2:00 pm, stand W05
Charlie White, Such Appetite
Presented by Little Brown Mushroom

3:00 pm
Ben Jones, Men's Group. Presented by PictureBox.

3:00 pm, Gallery K
Dan Colen and Harmony Korine, Train Yourself to Lose.
Presented by Karma.

3:00 pm, stand O04
Jean Philippe Delhomme, The Unknown Hipster Diaries.
Presented by Book Marc.

4:00 pm
Ricardo Velmor, ANAL. Presented by ANAL.


4:00 pm, stand S01
Ben Jones, Men's Group. Presented by PictureBox.


1:00 pm
Paul Mpagi Sepuya, STUDIO WORK.

1:00 pm, stand W07
Torbjorn Rodland, Vanilla Partner

2:00 pm
Richard Hertz, Jack Goldstein and the CalArts Mafia, and The Beat and the Buzz: Inside the L.A. Art World. Presented by Hol Art Books.

3:00 pm
Michael Bulloch, Roman Catholic Jacuzzi. Presented by KARMA.

3:00 pm, stand O05
Mike Mills, The Thing. Presented by The Thing Quarterly.

4:00 pm, Gallery H
Matias Viegener, 2500 Random Things About Me Too. Presented by Les Figues Press.




7:00pm January 31 until 6:00 pm, February 3


                LAND AND SEA is pleased to present a four day gathering in which Public Fiction will be transformed by artist/musicians Rob Barber and Chris Duncan into a sound sculpture that will function as a platform for sound makers from the Los Angeles and Bay Areas to perform in, on and/or interact with.

Location: Public Fiction, 749 Avenue 50, Los Angeles CA 90042

1 am to 5pm, Sunday, February 17


                Rhea writes: I am writing on behalf of L.A. Zine Fest, a Free event celebrating zines, self publishing and D.I.Y culture. In 2012 we featured over 100 zine makers, cartoonists, illustrators, printmakers and small press publishers as well as hosting workshops and speakers. Our featured event of the afternoon was a live interview between Henry Rollins and V. Vale of RE/Search Publications. The event is Free and open to the public. Last year over 1,200 attendees came throughout the day and this year we anticipate even more.

Our 2nd annual Fest is taking place Sunday February 17th, 11 am to 5pm, just a couple of weeks after the L.A. Art Book Fair. In addition to vendors, or featured panel discussion this year will be between Alice Bag (legendary local punk singer/zine maker and writer), Allison Wolfe (Riot Grrrl Bratmobile fame), Charlyne Yi (comedian/writer) and Drew Denny (musician/filmmaker).

11am-7pm Ukrainian Cultural Center 4315 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90029

LAZF Panels and Workshops at The Moth Theatre
4359 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90029

LAZF Zine Library at HRLDRY
4302 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90029